Hi, I’m Christena a psychic, and Certified Spiritual Coach.

I’m passionate about helping you overcome the challenges and obstacles that keep you from living your best life.


For 10 years, I’ve guided soulful humans with my psychic abilities to transform their lives from the inside out. I specialize in helping you transform negative behavior/thinking/habits into consistent rituals of self-care so that you can return to your natural state of contentment and peace.


as a certified life coach and Certified spiritual life coach.


I’ve worked with over a thousand clients and offered gentle yet very effective solutions

Free Discovery Session

A free 30 min discovery session will help bring clarity about your life situation and illuminate options for healing and growing. Contact me to schedule a discovery session, then I’ll send you a brief questionnaire prior to our call so we can utilize our time together efficiently. Most clients find that this prep work helps them gain clarity even before the call, so you’ll get a head start on your progress. By the end of the session, we’ll identify the possibilities of paths you can take and/or a coaching goal that we can work toward if we’re a good fit to continue working together.


Continuing Sessions & Coaching Programs

If we determine that we’re a good fit to continue on, If you’re committed and serious about creating lasting change, a program would be a great option for you. I’d love to take you on a deeper dive and see you toward an achievement that you can be proud of, which takes a little time. I don’t necessarily offer a quick-fix solution but I do offer sustainable and lasting results (providing you do your homework)! Details and pricing disclosed at the initial call but here’s what you’ll get with each program:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions via phone, video including discussion of your process, channeled insight, practical tools & guided meditations

  • An email after each session with brief notes from our call recommended resources and a homework assignment.

  • Email support between sessions and my complete commitment to your success!


*Please note that all sales are final (no refunds) and sessions must be rescheduled 24 hrs in advance or the session is forfeited. Thank you for your cooperation!


I look forward to connecting with you!