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Who Is iMasterpsychic?

Updated: Aug 7

Welcome to My Blog! or Should i Say Welcome to My World of all things Spiritual And Tarot

Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Readings

To start Let me introduce myself, I am Christena, a 7th-generation psychic, born with the gift of extrasensory clairvoyance and foresight, which allows me to see things that the naked eye cannot. I have extensive experience with this blessed gift, hence I am able to view and interact within the spiritual realm to provide guidance and insights accurately. Furthermore, I work in conjunction with other family members who have been blessed with this extraordinary gift to give the most comprehensive insights into whatever problems or concerns you may have...

I have owned my practice and have been successfully helping people for over 12 years. I am is confident in my ability and can help you whether you’re seeking simple answers or more in-depth spiritual healing.

Specializing In Love & Relationships

Psychic services provided Christena here at iMasterpsychic are all about connectedness and clarity. As a professional psychic and soulmate specialist, i want the best for my clients and do our best to establish and maintain spiritual connections while working out their personal issues. Here at iMasterpsychic i am proud to offer psychic readings focused on love and relationships. I want to take you to a secure, safe, happy place during our readings and spiritual sessions. If you’re being challenged by problems in life, we’ll do our best to help you overcome them while providing the most in-depth timelines and information. Ultimately, we want to help you unlock your true potential and deliver the best answers to your questions about potential and current love, past and present relationships, unlocking the past, understanding the present, and discovering the future. If you’re interested in our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we look forward to serving you.

At iMasterpsychic, I am available for Text readings, Email Readings and can set up Video/Phone readings depending on availability, Psychic readings are available for parties and gatherings in the central Florida area

Hoping you got to know a bit more about me

it was lovely to be able to sit down and leave a little note to my readers, and I am hoping to continue this blog at least weekly! so make sure to subscribe to iMasterpsychic.com as there will be many different blog posts and topics I plan on Writing!

If you are seeking rejuvenation, balance, and/or clarity; schedule an appointment with us and we will help you find the service that your spirit is seeking text me directly for appointment information at 954-629-4272

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